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Hedge Trimming And Cutting

Tree Surgery And Tree Removal

Dangerous Tree Removal

Ivy Tamed Or Removed

Cables Cleared

Seasoned Hardwood Logs For Sale

Turf Laid

Lawns Mowed

Borders Turned and Weeded


Trees Blocking Light

Roots Lifting Driveways Path

Roots under house patio

Trees Leaning Towards My House

Ivy Is Taking Over My House

Hedges Blocking My Light

Conifers Blocking My Light

Leaves In My Gutter

Leaves Make My Path Slippy

Tree Sap Drips On My Car

Birds Poo On My Car

Tree To Close To My House

I Have Wind Damaged Trees

I Have Snow Damged Trees

I Have Tree Growing In My Wires

I Have Tree Roots Lifting My Fence

There is Deadwood falling from My Trees

My Trees Are To Big

My Hedges Are To Big

My Trees Need Cutting

My Hedges Need Cutting

Trees And Hedges Are Taking Over My Garden

I Need My Leaves Clearing

My Garden Is Over Grown

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Tree Surgeons offering Tree and Garden Services in Cannock, Lichfield, Rugeley, Burntwood and all surrounding areas. All Work is carried out by Fully Competent, Friendly, Fully Qualified, Trustworthy, Approachable, Insured, staff to BS: 3998:2010

Tree Surgery and Removal


Hedge Trimming And Cutting


Logs For Sale

Beech-wood fires burn bright and clear

If the logs are kept a year;

Store your beech for Christmastide

With new-cut holly laid beside;

Chestnut's only good, they say,

If for years 'tis stored away;

Birch and fir-wood burn too fast

Blaze too bright and do not last;

Flames from larch will shoot up high,

Dangerously the sparks will fly;

But ash-wood green and ash-wood brown

Are fit for a Queen with a golden crown.

Oaken logs, if dry and old,

Keep away the winter's cold;

Poplar gives a bitter smoke,

Fills your eyes and makes you choke;

Elm-wood burns like churchyard mould,

E'en the very flames are cold;

It is by the Irish said;

Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread,

Apple-wood will scent the room,

Pear-wood smells like flowers in bloom;

But ash-wood wet and ash-wood dry

A King may warm his slippers by.

Willow is great for a cricket bat,

But trust me for logs its not all that;

Lime is fantastic to stopper a bottle,

But on the fire it lacks the throttle;

Then again Ash olde or new,

Is fit for a Prince or Pincess too.



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