This Mature Oak was leaning back heavy towards the road and driveway. There was also a fence behind it. We climbed the tree and took some weight off. Then we attached some heavy lifting gear(a Turfer winch). We winched the Oak tree up tight and cut the throught out. We then put the back cut in leaving it really strong so it wouldnt break off and go backwards. Then we winched the Oak over. We left it in 3 sections as the customer was going to cut it up for logs

We took this Silver Birch tree down. It was a windy day and there was a fence and a garage below the tree. We roped the branches up and lowered them down in sections.

We climbed this Over Mature Oak Tree to take some weight off the back. Then we felled it into the customers garden. The customers thought it was quite amazing as you can hear on the video

This was an Over Mature Sycamore Tree we climbed and lowered. There was fences, a stream and a pergola underneath this tree. We dismantled it in sections down to the first fork , then felled the trunk.

This was a Mature Beech That had suffered wind damage. We took the big limb off to make it felleable, then we cut the throught in and pulled it over.